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Stories in Ventura County Star

Man who tortured tortoise sentenced: Mother of boy who owns pet speaks in court - November 6

Plea of No Contest Entered in Tortoise Abuse – September 6th

Bob Returns Home – August 18

Not Guilty Plea in Tortoise Case – July 24

Man Arrested in Tortoise Case – July 20

Arrest in Tortoise Mutilation – July 19

Tortoise, friend to autistic boy is mutilated

Video Story


Other New Sources

Family Harassed
 Family of tortured tortoise fear target of more harassment

Bob Healing Nicely – August 1 - News Video

Bob Returns Home – August 18 – New Video

Arrest made

Tortured Tortoise Returns Home – August 18 - AP New Photo

Suspect Awaits Sentencing

On Rocky Road to Recovery

DA Appoints Animal Cruelty Prosecutor

Arrest Made for Torturing Bob the tortoise


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Video Tribute to Bob

Humane Society Offers Reward


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