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Bob the tortoise is a twenty five year old sulcata tortoise. Bob is a special friend to 6 year old William Sullivan, an autistic boy, who until Bob rarely spoke to people. The Sullivan family live in Ventura, California where Bob has been their beloved pet for ten years.

On July 7th, 2007, Bob was kidnapped from the backyard of his familyís home, taken to a remote location behind an apartment complex and tortured.  Bob was slashed, stabbed, mutilated and thrown repeatedly against a cement wall. The perpetrator apparently attempted to cut Bob from his shell.  When the perpetrator was unsuccessful, he left Bob to die.

The Sullivan, aware within hours of Bobís kidnapping, began a desperate campaign to recover him. The family covered the area with lost posters offering a substantial reward for his return. The promise of a reward brought one person forward who led Dorothy Sullivan to the place where the severely wounded Bob lay.

Police said that Bobís abduction and mutilation was one of the worse reported incidents of abuse in Ventura. A police report was made and the area law enforcement promised to investigate. Crime Busters offered $1,000 reward for any information that lead to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, Bob was rushed to an emergency veterinarian center. Bob remained in intensive care for three days with no promise for recovery.  On the forth day the prognosis for Bob improved and he was transferred to Turtle Dreams, a private turtle rehabilitation center run by Jeanie Vaughn. Hundreds of get well cards were sent to the Sullivans and Turtle Dreams wishing Bob a speedy recovery.

Bob remained at Turtle Dreams for about thirty days before he finally went home to the Sullivans on August 18.

Bob went through a long period of rehabilitation and required multiple surgeries.  In 2008, Bob was still under veterinarian care.

Bobís story went international.  Bobís story of courage and love touched a lot of people



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